***Redundant as of March 2022. We have returned to our pre-covid usual high standards of cleaning, service and guest safety***

Smart Safety at The Cordelia

We have been working hard to ensure that our guests will still have a wonderful stay with us, whilst adjusting to the “new normal”.

As a summary of what this looks and feels like, we have condensed our extensive Risk Assessment into the following points and our full Risk Assessment is available for you to view further down this page.

  • You will be emailed a pre-arrival information pack with all the particulars about your stay.
  • Social distancing is easily possible in our large property.
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel stations throughout the property, and antibacterial hand soap in all guest bathrooms.
  • Prior, during and after your stay, we have increased the frequency of cleaning and introduced disinfecting of high contact touchpoints.
  • Our full breakfast menu will be available. You will find pre-order forms on top of your room folder. These must be filled in and placed into the bowl outside of the dining room by 9pm.
  • We will be wearing face visors when serving your breakfast to ensure everyone is able to stay safe, whilst still being able to maintain a conversation. After all, it is as important to see us smile as it is for our guests to be smiling!
  • Supper slates – We offer delicious Yorkshire charcuterie & cheese slates for you to enjoy in your room. Perfect during this time with reduced restaurants and eateries being open. More details on these can be found on our food & drink page.
  • We have a 5* food hygiene rating and all in all, we think we have created a mindful dining experience!
  • Daily housekeeping/room servicing will continue as normal, with the exception of bed making and towel tidying. We will only enter your room when you are absent to replenish toilet roll, tea tray amenities and empty refuse. If you do not want any housekeeping, you should inform us.

If you have any queries or concerns whatsoever about booking with us, then please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01761 363393 or drop us an email at

We very much look forward to seeing you soon,

James & Rebecca



COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Updated 15th May 2021

Risk Assessment Approach & Purpose

This document is individual to us and has been developed with The Cordelia business and our operations in mind. It takes into consideration both our customer journey and our staff duties.

This document forms part of our Health & Safety management system and is referenced within our business’ Health and Safety policy.

By tracing the routes and tasks that people will typically take, either to carry out their jobs or as customers, we have set out a list of risks and concerns on the transmission of COVID-19; and subsequently how to take action to reduce these risks. 

By setting concerns and control measures out in a logical way this will give confidence to show that that due consideration and diligence has been undertaken.

Customers will be advised in advance of their visit of actions taken, because of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment, to give confidence that The Cordelia has considered everyone’s safety.

Similarly, staff can be reassured that every aspect of their work has been considered in relation to COVID-19, and they will understand the measures taken to ensure safety of them and customers.

The controls set out in this document will be specific for The Cordelia and our operation, considering how the business operates, and how customers and staff use the premises and interact.

We will review this document every 2 weeks during initial stages (then monthly) to ensure we have considered any changes in national guidance.

Business address:
The Cordelia
51 Esplanade Road
YO11 2AT

Nature of business:
Bed & Breakfast

Other services provided include:
In-room refreshments
Supper slates

Document developed by:
James Minnis
Rebecca Davidson

The hazard

SARS-CoV-2 is a respiratory virus that can invade a host via the respiratory route or via hand to eye/mouth/nose contact, causing the disease COVID-19.

People who appear healthy may be carrying and shedding the virus, which can be passed on either directly or indirectly to others. This means we need to assume that anyone could be carrying the virus.

The main routes of transmission (the risks)

  • Direct contact to face – eyes, nose from droplets or aerosols spraying from an infected person onto another person who is in close contact.
  • Contamination via droplets from sneezing and coughing landing on surfaces and then transferring via hands on to eyes and nose and mouth. Other means of secretions getting on to surfaces could be from infected people touching their eyes, nose and mouth and then touching surfaces with contaminated hands.
  • Contaminated hands of infected people can transfer the virus directly to others (e.g. handshakes) or on to hand contact surfaces which can be picked up by other people’s hands and transferred to their eyes, nose or mouth.

The main controls are:

  • Social distancing in accordance with government guidelines
  • Disinfecting hand contact surfaces
  • Hand washing and hand sanitiser use at key moments
  • Not touching eyes, mouth or nose with contaminated fingers



Entering the building

1m social distancing should be maintained whenever possible. Please move back and allow others to enter/exit the building and await space for your turn.

Movement in communal areas

1m social distancing should be maintained wherever possible throughout the entrance hall and landing areas. Stay single file when ascending/descending stairs. Please move back onto landings/hallways to provide more space to allow others to pass.

When guests are in the dining room, they shall be sat a minimum of 1m apart (from guests not in their party) and should be mindful of their movements to keep this minimum distance from other guests, not in their party.

Closed off areas – 1st floor WC

To reduce any communal areas that are not a necessity (therefore reducing high contact points and risk of contamination), our 1st floor WC are closed to our guests. Please do not use this room.


All arriving guests (or lead booker) will have been provided with a welcome email explaining and reminding them of social distancing requirements, the available facilities, arrangements for food and beverage service, daily housekeeping arrangements, additional in-house amenities (anti-bacterial hand gel & additional cleaning measures), actions if Covid-19 symptoms appear, contact details for test and trace, payment arrangements and check-in/out arrangements.

Check-in procedure:

  • Please provide us with an approximate time of arrival, ideally to the closest 30 minutes
  • If you happen to arrive at the same time as other guests, please always maintain social distancing
  • Please use the hand sanitising gel
  • We will have sanitised our hands
  • We will not offer to carry your bags unless you have mobility problems
  • All room keys will have been disinfected
  • Your welcome pack will be waiting for you. You must read this in its entirety as it contains important information about Covid-19 and your stay with us – including changes to normal operations.

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

The Government advises (11/05/2021) that when managing the risk of COVID-19, additional PPE (outside of a clinical, or similar, setting) is not beneficial. This is because COVID-19 is a risk that needs to be managed through social distancing & hygiene, not through the use of PPE. Workplaces should not encourage the precautionary use of extra PPE to protect against COVID-19 outside clinical settings.

The Government advises that unless you are in a situation where the risk of COVID-19 transmission is very high, our risk assessment should reflect the fact that the role of PPE in providing additional protection is extremely limited.

Therefore, The Cordelia staff will be wearing a face visor/mask only during breakfast service – as we need to approach your table, serve food/drinks and be within 1m of you.

Hand washing/sanitising

The frequency of handwashing/sanitising will be increased by us, and everyone who enters the property will be required to sanitise their hands.

We have antibacterial hand gel stations at 3 points in the property.

  1. Just as you enter the building by the dining room door. Everyone should use this as they enter the building and/or as they enter the dining room for breakfast.
  2. On the chest of drawers at the top of the 1st staircase, on the 1st floor.
  3. On the dresser on the landing of the 2nd floor.

We will provide anti-bacterial hand washing soap in all guest bathrooms.

Cordelia staff will always sanitise their hands before entering a guest bedroom.

Cordelia staff will always sanitise their hands before approaching guests dining table.

All antibacterial hand gel has a minimum of 60% alcohol content.


Communal areas - Every effort has been made to reduce the number of touchpoints that employees and guests interact with on a daily basis. We have put lighting on timers to reduce the need to use light switches (2pm-12.30am).

The frequency of high contact point disinfection, in communal areas, will at regular intervals. (see appendix 1 for more details)

Leaflets in the entrance porch – To enable guests to still have access to this literature, we have left the leaflets accessible. However, we ask that if you touch any leaflets, that you either take them with you or dispose of them in the recycling basket next to the dresser. It is clearly labelled.

Guest rooms - When a guest room is vacated/guests have checked-out, cleaning will take place in accordance with our normal practices – but with the addition of the disinfection of in-room high contact points. (see appendix 2 for more details)

All disinfectant spray and wipes in use are effective against enveloped viruses and kill 99% of bacteria.

Suspected case of COVID-19

In the event of a suspected case of Covid-19, immediate cleaning and disinfection will take place in the areas where the case has been. We will also quarantine the guest bedroom for 72 hours once the guest has checked out. (see appendix 3 for more details)

Guest communication

Guests should still feel comfortable with contacting us during their stay.

We encourage all guests to communicate via text message or phone call, where possible.

The telephone number for this 07974 566725.

We will endeavour to respond to text messages as soon as possible.

Please note – this number will not be monitored between the hours of 9pm-7am.

Alternatively, there is a doorbell outside the dining room. If available, we can come and have a socially distanced conversation with you.


To reduce close contact, guests will be encouraged to pay via our secure online portal. A link will be sent via email.

If used, the chip and pin machine will be disinfected after every use. 


In a fire or emergency evacuation where the building must be evacuated, the 1m social distancing requirement is not necessary if it would be unsafe to practice it. Always dial 999 in an emergency.

First aid

The Cordelia will still be providing emergency first aid, if required.

We will conduct a dynamic on the spot risk assessment on the balance of necessity of providing first aid and the likelihood of contracting or spreading infection. Always dial 999 for emergency medical help.

Servicing of guest rooms during their stay

Daily housekeeping/room servicing will continue as normal, with the exception of bed making and towel tidying. We will only enter your room when you are absent to replenish toilet roll, tea tray amenities and empty refuse.

If you do not want any housekeeping, you should inform us.

A “turn down” service will not be on offer.

If you require replacement towels, please inform us and we will arrange for these to be changed when you are absent. We will bag and remove dirty towels in accordance with guidelines, to be laundered by our professional laundry provider.

Separate arrangements can be made for full bed linen change if guests are staying longer than 6 nights.

Cordelia staff will always sanitise hands when going between rooms.

Food & beverage production

High standards of personal hygiene and cleanliness are already in place for our food and beverage production.

We have a 5* food hygiene rating issued by Scarborough Council.

Our HACCP and food safety management system details all controls we have in place around safe food handling and production. The risk of Covid-19 being contracted through consumption and handling of food remains low.

Breakfast table service in dining room

All guests/rooms will be assigned a table in the dining room, indicated by a corresponding table/room number. Please only use this table for the duration of your stay.

All condiment packaging and salt & pepper mills will be sanitised prior to your stay and are solely yours to use during your stay. These are then disinfected for the next guest. 

Please do not touch any chairs, tables, condiments, crockery or cutlery on any other table at any time. If you require additional items, please ask us.

All crockery, glassware and cutlery used by guests or employees will be disinfected in the dishwasher after every use.

All guests will be required to pre-order their cooked meal. More information on this will be found in guests welcome packs.

Cordelia staff will be operating table service in order to;

  • Take your hot drink/juice/toast order
  • Deliver any of the above items to your table, in addition to any toast, cooked items, jams, cereals or fruit that has been requested
  • Clear away finished plates

Supper Slate service to guest rooms

We will still be offering our Supper Slates for guests.

We can deliver these to your room before you return from your day out. Or, if you are in the room, we will ask you to maintain social distancing.

We will collect the dirty slates/cutlery/plates the next morning whilst you are at breakfast.

If we have provided a folding table, these will be disinfected after each use.

Changeover cleaning

When a guest room is vacated/guests have checked-out, cleaning will take place in accordance to our normal practices – but with the addition of the disinfection of in-room high contact points. (see appendix 2 for more details)


All used laundry is bagged at source and stored separately to clean items.

All laundry is taken off-site for cleaning by a specialist contractor. Guidance provided by the laundry supplier has been implemented.


Check out is by 10am, as normal.

Any outstanding payments should have already been completed through our secure online portal (wherever possible).

We welcome the opportunity to be able to say goodbye to our guests, whilst maintaining social distancing.

Keys can be left in the blue bowl outside the dining room.

Appendix 1 – Communal areas

Every effort has been made to reduce the number of touchpoints that employees and guests interact with on a daily basis. The frequency of high contact point disinfection, in communal areas, will at regular intervals. These are listed below.

We have closed off the guest lounge and guest WC to reduce possible touchpoints.

We have put lighting on timers to reduce the need to use light switches (4pm-12.30am).

  • Front doorbell
  • Dining room doorbell
  • All communal door handles
  • Bannister
  • Light switches

Appendix 2 – Guest rooms

When a guest room is vacated/guests have checked-out, cleaning will take place in accordance with our normal practices – but with the addition of the disinfection of in-room high contact points. These are listed below.

All outer bedding is removed, bagged, and sent to our professional laundry provider for cleaning in line with government guidelines. In addition, we will use fabric disinfectant spray (Dettol – kills 99.9% of bacteria) on pillows and duvets.

  • Light switches
  • Shower switches
  • Lamp switches
  • Power socket switches
  • Bedside tables
  • TV remote control
  • Taps
  • Flush handles and toilet seats
  • Door handles & lock – inside and out
  • Hairdryer handles
  • Wardrobe door handles
  • Drawer handles
  • Kettle handle and lid
  • Radiator controls
  • Drinks coasters
  • Window levers
  • Coat hangers

We will be using the following processes in conjunction with our usual practices;

  • Ensure the room is ventilated whilst cleaning. This will ensure that there is no airborne virus in the property.
  • Wear the appropriate cleaning protective clothing (gloves).
  • Prepare the area to be cleaned – remove waste and unused items (such as tea tray produce and bathroom products), remove dirty linen and towels and carry out any initial cleaning required (ie; take all crockery, glassware to dishwasher, clear surfaces, and remove magazines and welcome folder for disinfecting with antibacterial wipes).
  • Bedding & Linen: Remove dirty linen carefully directly into bags. Linen should not be shaken in case viruses are dispersed through the air. Ensure it is removed from the room prior to cleaning. Bedding (pillows and duvet) will be sprayed with fabric disinfectant. Remove gloves and dispose of them after stripping beds. Wash hands.
  • Apply clean gloves before putting the clean linen on the beds. The same applies to towels/bathmats/new bathroom products/quarantined magazines and welcome folder.

Appendix 3 – Suspected case of COVID-19

  1. If guests arrive at our property with symptoms of COVID-19 we will advise returning home and self-isolate in accordance with current Government guidance. If guests have acute breathing difficulties, we will call 999.
  2. If a guest develops symptoms during their stay at our property, they must declare it immediately and self-isolate in their room where they are to minimise any risk of transmission – and make immediate arrangements to return home as soon as possible. If guests have acute breathing difficulties, we will call 999.

In both cases, guests should use private transport but only drive themselves if they can do so safely. If a guest cannot reasonably return home (for example because they are not well enough to travel or do not have the means to arrange transport), their circumstances should be discussed with an appropriate health care professional and, if necessary, the local authority.

Guests should follow government guidance on dealing with a possible or confirmed COVID-19 infection. Once the guest has returned to their main residence, they should continue to follow the government guidance on self-isolation, household isolation and social distancing and request/acquire a Covid-19 test.

This will apply to all guests that were present in the room.

If it is understood that if anyone staying in the property contracts the virus the following steps will be taken in conjunction with our usual cleaning policies and additional high touch point cleaning;

  • A fully protected housekeeper (gloves & mask) will use disposable materials to wipe down all door handles, entrance systems, stairwell bannisters, light switches to try and minimise risk of spread.
  • All rubbish should be double bagged and placed in a suitable outdoor bin for removal.
  • Once the property is vacated post-infection, our appropriate cleaning procedures (in addition to high contact point disinfection) will be followed as per the official UK Government advice –
    • Steam Cleaning: We will steam clean all upholstery, fabric furnishings, headboards, and mattresses to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (heat breaks the virus down).
  • The room will then be quarantined for 72 hours.

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